Design and layout of leaflets and booklets

I can enjoy the whole process of leaflets and booklets – by making the advertising text and design to the selection of the optimal design of materials and printing techniques.

Design and layout of leaflets and booklets

Flyers are one of the most common ways of disseminating information, because it is quite easy and cheap to produce. Due to the fact that the leaflet takes up relatively little space allows us to transport the leaflets at low cost and in large quantities.

Types of leaflets on execution

Selecting performance between the leaflet or booklet depends on your advertising goals, objectives, quantity and quality of information posted.

Leaflet (flyer) – is sealed on one or both sides of a sheet of paper. In many cases, bright attractive leaflets may be the most effective and compelling way to bring publicity information to the consumer.

Booklet (leaflet) – is sealed on both sides of a sheet of paper, folded (folded) in one or more locations. The main advantage – kkompaktnost. Booklets will be invaluable when working with clients in the office to help tell about themselves at exhibitions, presentations, promotions and during mailing.

Types of leaflets intended

The design concept of leaflets depends on their purpose. Typically, the following types:

Promotional flyer – Introduces a potential customer with a new product, service, open a shop, salon, etc. Name and address must be remembered, even a cursory viewing.

Information leaflet – Its content can be information about promotions, discounts, services. It is important to highlight important information: time, place, address, dates, etc.

Invitation flyer – This is a special kind with its own traditions and peculiarities. As a rule, no more than a flyer format postcard design is equally an image and information, the paper used dense. Alternatively gain the bearer of such leaflets can promise a discount or bonus. Everything is done for long term storage.

Whatever kind of leaflets you choose, without quality and original design that will provide your vehicle from the crowd proprietary printing, you can not do! And do not skimp on the quality of printing. Of course, flyers – is one of the cheapest types of printing, and print it can be in any way and on any paper, but substandard performance can negate the work of the designer.