Distribution of leaflets

Many of us do not just have, running out of the subway, take the hands of “promoters” flyers, and looking with one eye, one hour to send them in an urn. And not infrequently flashed thought – how many tons of paper every day there go. We offer answers to this vital topic for those who care about the real result of the campaign. The purpose of handing out leaflets – report to consumer advertising information.

When should hand out flyers?

  • If you want to have a potential customer has contact information – address, phone number, directions, etc.
  • If you want to choose your target audience – office workers, housewives, students, etc.
  • If you wish to report throughout the city about your product or service.
  • If you want to spend an advertising campaign – presentation of a new type of goods, raffle prizes, food tasting, etc.

What are the methods of distribution of a piece?
Distribution in the streets, in shopping malls, subways, car parks, etc. depending on the goods or services
The layout of the leaflets in specially designated areas in shopping malls, in the lobby of the office, on the windshield wipers of cars, mailboxes, etc.

Effectiveness depends on many factors:

  • Above all – the volume of distributed leaflets
  • How choose the right place to hand out leaflets
  • Well, and choosing the right audience
  • And, of course, on the validity of the leaflets.

Tips leafleting.

Distribution of the small circulation of leaflets (less than 30,000) just does not make sense. Get information about the profitability of the action can be provided that the amount distributed leaflets will be at least 100,000 units.

The leaflet should be such that people immediately knew what and how much was offered. It should be all the information you want to convey – the opening of a new store, salon, etc., your company address, phone numbers, directions, hours of operation, logo, etc. This should be written in a large, readable and stand out from the rest.

It is better if the leaflets will be colored, but not two-color and, even worse, black and white? The size of the leaflets must not be too small. It is desirable that in addition to your information leaflet would contain information and useful character – calendar, metro scheme, congratulations to the current holidays. You must choose the right place handing out leaflets. In these places should not be just the crowds, and the greatest concentration of the target audience. You need to select the most accurate time handing out leaflets. Close to the metro, for example, hand out leaflets better in the afternoon or evening. As people rush in the morning, late, so they are not very receptive to information denounced by.

It is advisable to arrange for the training of promoters, which are variants of chants-zazyvalok. And do not forget that with the promoters’ fefektami fiction “bring only losses. As to the effect of the image of “homeless.” It is not necessary to save on advertising. If the promoter is well aware of the art of words, combined with a pleasant disposition appearance, it costs ten times more hastily recruited untidy individuals with a strange sound pronunciation.

And finally, of course, you have to take care of a sufficient amount of advertising products – due to increased demand promoters were not idle. There are a lot of subtleties in the art of advertising. You can learn from your mistakes, and you can consult with knowledgeable people.
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