Leaflets and booklets – is there a difference?

Advertising company almost always begins with the release of printed promotional products. It includes booklets, leaflets, catalogs.

With these media manufacturer is trying to convey to the consumer information about their products or services. The more different from each other most popular print “reklamki” brochures and leaflets – define in this article.

Print flyers – the most popular advertising and printing service

The oldest, proven, and therefore a popular means of advertising information transmission is the distribution of leaflets. In contrast to the production of booklets, leaflets very low cost, and therefore they can afford to print company with a small budget. Leaflet is a small list. Popular size is considered ¼ of A4. You can print on any kind of paper: offset, matt or glossy, business travelers and others. At the request of the customer offset printing leaflets complement lamination, varnishing, die cutting, creasing and other techniques.

The purpose of leaflets:

  • Attention to a particular category of consumers
  • Advertising single actions, ads on discounts
  • Presentation of the wide range of consumers new product or service

Pamphlet – the second step to attract customers

Booklets – a more informative form of printed materials, and therefore they can afford to print those firms who have something to say to your potential customer. While the printing of leaflets and produce black-and-white light on inexpensive paper, booklets are printed in color and only on quality paper. What is the source of this type of advertising information? Most companies prefer to manufacture booklets in the form of a folded “accordion” of A4 paper, this type of product is officially called “the leaflet with two folds.” Unlike flyers, brochures allows to present a product or service is more informative. Since the area of ​​the sheet is filled not only attracts the text, but also illustrative tables, graphs, diagrams, allows consumers to more clearly understand the beauty of a particular type of product.

Objectives Booklet lie in the following:

  • Emphasis on the party (series) products with the price, discounts (sort of mini-catalog)
  • Information sheet manufacturer
  • City guides with unobtrusive advertising of any company (companies)
  • Leaflets and booklets – a face of the company. It is for their design, printing and brightness “washer-induced wrinkles” paper can be judged on how quality services (goods) offers us this or that company.

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